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"Catie has excellent legal experience and has worked extensively with law enforcement and the legal system and would make an excellent judicial officer."

Michelle D’Angelone

"Catie has been a resident of Pasco County for many years and her love for the county shows. Catie is a hardworking, dedicated and most importantly, genuine person with the experience and wisdom our county needs."

Nicolette Nicoletti

“Extensive Trial/Courtroom Experience
Raised in Pasco
Understands the Community."

Robert D. Eckard, Attorney At Law

"Thank you for your work with the humane society. One of the greatest assets for a jurist is compassion. Your work with animals is an excellent example."

Ernie Cole

“Catie holds such integrity and professionalism. Very hard working and honest person.”

Nicole Burns

“Catie will make a great Judge. She has the experience and temperament to serve with distinction.”

Michael Cox

“She’s dedicated at what she has always done. She’ll make a difference as a Judge. I am so proud of her.”

Robert Galatolo

She is a dedicated professional. She will make a Great Judge. So proud of her.”

Angie Ratto

“She is one of the most dedicated and I feel like she would make a difference as a judge. So happy and proud of you.”

Christopher Rios

“Catie Mansfield is the perfect candidate, I have watched her become an incredible, intelligent leader! She has my vote also!!!”

Cheryl Mancusi

Catie will be an outstanding judge.We are lucky to have her in our county.

Ernie Cole

“She has my vote (I knew Catie as a wee little one)”

Annie Ceccarini

“Go Catie you have my vote”

Loula Roussos Portera

“Catie Mansfield motivates and encourages people to be, and do their best and not give up on themselves!! I can’t count the times I have received this from her.”

Seanathen Powers

“Her sense of integrity and her passion for justice.”

Rachel Herny

“She's got my vote! Out of all the things I miss from Livefit one of the main ones is seeing Catie! Nobody pushed me like her.”

Tiara Rose

“This is amazing! Absolutely has my vote!!!”

Brandy Powell

“I have know Catie since she was a child and I believe she is honest and sincere.”

Marianne Rhodes

"Catie, you have always been an inspiration. You definitely have my vote!!!!”

Monica Marion Bass

“… I’ll be voting for Catie.”

Cheryl Furia

“She has my vote!”

Jo-Ann Zehall Giglio

“She has my vote!”

Barbara Greb Konrad

“… Catie has my vote!!”

Eileen McCabe Hulton

“She has my vote too! Amazing lady and talent to spare! We are PROUD to know her.”

Rhonda Cantu

“I most definitely will be voting for you Catie Mansfield”

Donna Ahlf

“Easy choice! Vote Catie!”

Robert Marier

“Catie you are always such a breath of fresh air!! I believe in you! I trust you! I respect and admire you! You motivate me in a way no other has!! You have my vote!!”

Leslie Raskovich

“Catie is such an amazing woman I have known her since I think 2nd grade. She has always been an overachiever at everything and has always had the most positive attitude all the time. She is the definition of a Super Woman. She definitely has my vote.”

Joe Hulett

“… She definitely has my vote”

CaGo Starmo

“I’m so excited for you! You will continue to do amazing things with that beautiful personality and smile!”

Micki Johnson

“Vote Catie Mansfield for Pasco County Court Judge!

I am so proud to know and support this great human being whom I have known since 4 year old t-ball and I've watched become a leader and a role model in our community.

How do YOU know Catie?

Maybe you went to Schrader Elementary, Richey fundamental or Ridgewood High School where she got better grades than you (and me), and took more challenging classes while also being a varsity athlete in multiple sports.

Maybe you worked or went to school with her mom who was in the Pasco County school system for 20 years.

Maybe you played youth sports with her on a team coached by her dad.

Maybe you were friends with her brothers like me, and watched her get picked for backyard basketball or football teams before the boys did.

Maybe you've been involved in the basketball league for down syndrome and autistic children that she's been involved with since 1999 (when she was in middle school). She has not missed one season, even during college. She drove home on the weekends when living in Jacksonville just to coach.

Maybe you knew her in college, where she was the only one who knew from day one what she wanted to do with her life, when the rest of us still had no clue for years.

Maybe you know her from the state attorney's office where she tried over 20 criminal cases and hundreds of misdemeanors (hopefully you weren't one of them).

Maybe you know her from the Pasco County Sheriff's Office where she is the senior staff attorney.

Maybe you know her from seeing her volunteering at local elementary and high schools.

Maybe you know her from her trademark Mansfield laugh.

Or maybe you know her from LiveFit, where since the day she joined us in May of 2013 has been one of the most consistent, motivating, accountable and positive influences.

Regardless of how you know her, she's been this way her entire life.

Long before wanting to become a judge, way before becoming an attorney, years before volunteering in her community.

As a lifelong friend, what you see is what you get.

It's the person she is: consistent, straight shooter, heart of gold

She was raised right and one of Pasco's finest.

She's got my vote.”

Derek Kuryliw

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for Pasco County Court Judge, Group 5. Paid by Catie Mansfield, Nonpartisan, for Pasco County Court Judge Group 5.