Fair. Honest. 

"I will enforce the law as it is written, ensure citizens and attorneys have consistency and fairness in my courtroom and faithfully, ethically, and impartially uphold the law."


Meet Catie Mansfield

As a resident and community member of Pasco County, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow, learn, and practice law amongst some of the most admirable judges. In my time, I have experienced kindness, patience, respect, teachable moments, mentorships, and have been gifted the love of the law. I now aspire to become a judge so that I too, can inspire others and make a difference with such acts of human grace and ethical consistency.

The citizens of Pasco County deserve judges who serve the people with uniform integrity and fairness. They deserve to have their day in court, with or without the benefit of counsel, as it is their right. Our community deserves to have someone who is willing to not only listen to them, but to hear them. As your judge here in Pasco County, I will enforce the law as it is written and I will ensure my courtroom maintains consistency and fairness to citizens and attorneys alike.
About Catie Mansfield

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Mansfield Qualifies for Pasco Judicial Race

Pasco County, Florida - Catie Mansfield, qualified Monday, April 20, 2020, in the race for Pasco County Court Judge, Group 5, an open seat created by a retirement. Catie Mansfield currently serves as the Senior Staff Attorney for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office where she has handled over 100 administrative hearings. She assists law enforcement with […]

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Catie Mansfield Announces for Pasco County Judge Group 5

TRINITY – Catherine “Catie” Mansfield, a lifelong resident of Pasco County, today filed to run for Pasco County Judge, Group 5. Ms. Mansfield is a product of Pasco County Public Schools, received a BA in psychology with a minor in criminal justice from the University of North Florida, and she received her JD from Florida […]

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